XDMAN: the alternative to IDM for Ubuntu

Xtreme Download Manager better known as XDman, is a download manager programmed for Linux based systems programmed in Java, although there is a version for Windows that is based on .Net.


XDman is the alternative to IDM (internet download manager) that is used in Windows and as well described is a program inspired by IDM.

It has a great integration with almost all the most popular browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, SeaMonkey or any other browser / application through the advanced integration of the browser.

Among the great range of features of XDMAN that offers us are the following:

Ability to update dead / broken / invalid download links (caused by expiration session) with link refresh option. Scheduling, virus detection, automatic shutdown, batch download, clipboard control, drag and drop, etc. Possibility to run within the corporate firewall as XDM supports automatic proxy configuration scripts, proxy authentication (NTLM, Digest, Kerberos , Spengo), installation without administrator rights. Currently only a commercial download manager supports these features. Supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, redirection, cookies, authentication (including Windows ISA), password management, etc.

Ability to resume, as long as the server where the download is done supports it.

Grabber (site grabber) that allows you to capture all the files of a site by means of filters.

Support for downloading YouTube videos.

Video Capture FLV, WebM (HTML5), mp4, avi and many other video formats from numerous sites like YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc.

Download XDman here or Download IDM patch here

Best Snooker Cue – What’s The Best Snooker Cue To Buy?

Finding the best snooker cue may seem easy but there are a lot of factors to consider. Today, we’ll help you find the best snooker cue to buy and we have done this by listing some of the best available cues in the market.

There are many different types of cues like the John Parris snooker cues, Stamford cues, Peradon cues, cue craft, Jason Owen and many others.

While there are multiple options to consider, your budget will greatly affect your decision. They can range from somewhere between $80 and as much as premium models that cost even $500 but obviously we are looking for some simple yet durable cues to kick start.

Top 5 Best Snooker Cues

1: JY3 57” Handmade Maple/Ash ¾ Joint Snooker Cue

The JY3 is a gorgeous cue with the most number of positive reviews form customers around the world. There is a mini butt included that is handed along with a telescopic extension and an aluminum case for carrying your valuable cue around. 8 Ball pool game also have cues to choose just like real life, offline and Online players only know about it.

8 Ball Pool
Image Credits: 8ballpoolhack-game.com/

The cue has a 57” length with a 9.5mm tip for perfect shots. It’s butt, 29-30mm is made of rosewood and overall it weighs only 19 oz.

2: Cuesoul 57” Handmade Rosewood ¾ Joint Snooker Cue

The Cuesoul 57” Handmade Rosewood cue just get popular and more popular. It outclasses others cues with its sanding and finishing process that gives it a silk smooth finish. There is a 6” mini extension included along with an aluminum telescopic butt and of course a handy case for carrying it around.

I really love its 4 sided rosewood butt and the grade spliced Ashwood shaft. Its quality and feel is outstanding and appears like an expensive peradon cue but at a very reasonable price.

3: Peradon Magic 57” ¾ Joint Snooker Cue

Here is the legendary Peradon Magic 57” ¾ Joint Snooker cue and we all know that Peradon is popular for manufacturing some of the most exotic and high grade snooker cues in the world. Unlike the above two, it doesn’t come with any case, however; there is a 6” mini butt.

Even though it’s an intermediate level cue but is way too appealing. The rosewood butt is made solid and durable and is finished with cannon magic name disc. Its Ash shaft is amazing and worth a praise while the joint is ¾.

4: LP 57” Handmade ¾ Piece Snooker Cue

The LP 57” Handmade ¾ Piece Snooker Cue features a smart look and has a large number of buyers. It has an exotic ash and Maple and is perfect for Snooker and pool. A hard case comes along with it, a mini butt and a telescopic extension.

5: Powerglide Spyder 57” ¾ Joint Porfessional Snooker Cue

The Powerglide Spyder snooker cue is for the pro players and comes at an expensive price tag. It will help you improve your potting and overall snooker skills. It’s made of exotic wood with matching straight grains and precision engineered quick release joints.