Paintball players have been waiting for it all over the world for months. Finally comes the long-sighted Airstock adapter for the Tippmann TMC on the market. Many amateur hobbyists and hobbyists in the paintball field have already tried their own versions in the past weeks and months. Many things seemed to be quite lucrative and untarnished, others had quite considerable potential. But unfortunately, none of the published products had the stuff to serialize. The team of Dynamic Sports Gear has been working on this product for about 3 months and has been testing a first prototype for a few weeks now. After a lot of changes to form and design, the end result was an appealing and very functional product that adapts perfectly to the look of the Tippmann TMC.


Designed by the Dynamic Sports Gear brand , the Tippmann TMC Air Stock Adapter allows the ASA connector on the handle of the Tippmann TMC to be replaced by an air supply in the shoulder support of the marker. This is almost exactly what MagFed Paintball players are looking for around the world. The Tippmann TMC would thus be at a distance from the most affordable MagFed paintball guns on the market.

The conversion kit will be available with a price of around 120 Euro (price Dye DAM Air Stock Adapter) and includes the fully assembled TMC Air Stock Adapter, a modified air line, as well as an ASA plug of the ASA connector on the handle Aperture is replaced.

A thoroughly thought-out and visually very appealing concept that can then be adapted by the player with any commercially available Paintball HP bottle and matching shoulder support covers in the desired design. This allows each player to design his  own Tippmann TMC according to their own wishes and ideas.


The brand Dynamic Sports Gear has attracted attention in recent years with interesting products, which so far have not been available anywhere else. The brand is at the forefront of innovation. The product range is small, but it can still be seen.

Quality and workmanship are at a very high level at Dynamic Sports Gear. The same applies to the functionality of the products. Simple, basic concepts, coupled with high-quality materials and clean processing, ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.

Dynamic Sports Gear has developed the following innovations in the paintball market.

– The Dye DAM Air Stock shoulder rest

– The SoftRack 2.0 paintball marker stand made of flexible, lightweight material

– The Tippmann Smooth Bolt (only Tippmann Soft-Tip bolts worldwide).

These are just some of the products from the company Dynamic Sports Gear. We are sure that many more will follow. You can also find all the products on Pros PaintBall online Shop..


Choosing the perfect phone is not easy. With the stakes of major manufacturers already available in the market, it is time to ask which of the available phones offers better results. From AndroidPIT we have chosen the seven categories that best define the needs of each user and we have selected the smartphone that best defends in each one of them.

  • The best tablets
  • The best smartwatches

The smartphones that top each of the following sections represent, according to the writing of AndroidPIT, the best choice among all the terminals we have tested.

  • The best smartphone
  • The best smartphone (considering the price)
  • The best-value smartphone
  • The smartphone with the best camera
  • The smartphone with the best battery
  • The best smartphone below 400 €
  • The best smartphone below € 250

The absolute winner: Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge
AndroidPIT galaxy s7 vs galaxy s7 edge 8
The two most complete phones of the moment. / © ANDROIDPIT
Both the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge perform in so many categories that have become the two best phones of the moment. They combine a great design with spectacular performance, the best in a smartphone to date.

But that’s not the only thing that makes this a great terminal. Its camera is the best that Samsung has installed on a phone to date, being able to capture high-quality images even in night time environments.

Its performance, delivered in Europe by the Exynos 990, has made it the most powerful phone at the moment, placing it at the top of almost all benchmarks and making the user experience one of the most fluid.Overall, both the Galaxy S7 and its Edge version have laid the groundwork for what is expected to be a high-end phone in 2016.


Best alternative to the Samsung Galaxy S7
If you want to have the most round phone at the moment, no matter what, but you are not convinced of any variants of Galaxy S7, your best bet is the HTC 10. Its price is somewhat higher than the rest of phones High-end manufacturers. Its camera has been deeply praised by DxOMark, its ergonomic design recalls that HTC has always known how to make smart phones, and its performance puts the brand on top of the podium.

The best Android smartphone (taking into account the price): OnePlus 3T
For some users the first is the design, others are looking for maximum profitability but for many the main thing is that it is powerful, that can respond quickly and that can take to the top the graphics of our favorite games. In 2016 the smartphone that surprises for its performance without sacrificing the price is the OnePlus 3T.

With an improved Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor and a superb 6 GB of RAM it is able to tackle everything. It also has good autonomy thanks to a battery of 3400 mAh and a great screen AMOLED of 5.5 inches.

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  • OnePlus 3T vs Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, giant fight

The smartphone with the best value for money: Honor 8
The second Huawei brand does not stop offering handsets with incredible features for the price it asks for them. After the success of Honor 7, the manufacturer again surprised us with an equally smart and powerful smartphone: Honor 8.

Among the qualities of this mid-range we have a good autonomy thanks to its battery of 3.000 mAh, a brilliant display with Full HD resolution, memory expandable thanks to a microSD card, fingerprint reader and the usual double camera

An amazing smartphone on the outside and balanced inside It is the best solution for those who want a powerful, smart phone and do not want to spend a fortune.

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Alternative to Honor 8 best value for money
One of the phones that more party knows to take to its price is the direct predecessor of the Honor 8, the Honor 7. With a spec sheet not so far removed from the flagships launched in its year, the main telephone of the second mark of Huawei Features a decent camera, sleek design and excellent battery performance.

The smartphone with the best camera: Google Pixel / Pixel XL
Having received 4 stars out of 5, the Google Pixel and Pixel XL deserve a great place among the best Android smartphones. The Galaxy S7 has a good camera but Pixel too.

Smartphones with the best camera

Google has managed to make a phone with a perfect optimization between software and hardware. The Pixels are not really surprising with their design, but they offer the purest Android experience you can find.

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You should also check Riya’s guide, she has shared some great phones with more 2GB/3GB and 4GB RAM and all are under 10000.

The smartphone with the best battery: Huawei Mate 9

  • The latest phablet from Huawei brings an autonomy that should inspire other smartphone market. Mate 9 achieved 48 hours of battery life without blinking. Better, Huawei has its system to detect applications too intense to improve the management of the resources.

Analysis of the Huawei Mate 9

The rest of Mate 9 features reveal a complete smartphone, capable of responding to the most demanding use. Despite its large 5.9-inch screen, its handling is pleasant. It offers a traditional but attractive design at the same time, and a great performance.

The best smartphone below 400 €: Samsung Galaxy S6
Forgotten flagships often become great deals when they pass the year and a half of age. For most of us the difference between having the last or the penultimate may not be very transcendental but for our pockets it may be.

  • Review of Samsung Galaxy S6

The Samsung S6 has a performance of the best we saw in 2015 but still gives the size in most situations limit to which you can submit. Your camera is also much better than most mid-range you can find for this price.

The best smartphone below € 250: BQ Aquaris X5 Plus
The famous Spanish manufacturer has an excellent offer for the mid range with a very elegant embroidered design of a frame in aluminum. It is the best device designed in the skin of bull and a great offer for the market of smartphones.

Analysis of the Aquarius X5 Plus
Its main virtues are a performance above average, good autonomy, good audio and a camera that will give the size. If to all this we put an Android without touching only with some details to improve the product is round.