First Official Teaser Trailor for Emoji Movie released

The idea that emojis are the main theme of a film in is quite strange to the ear in the first place. However, we should not be surprised if one of the main purposes of the cinema is entertainment. In addition, it’s now commonplace for movie studios to follow today’s trends to earn more money.

Emoji Movie released

Sony started in the summer of the year when we moved on to the preparations for the emoji-based filmmaking called “Emoji Movie.” The company, which made significant progress in filmmaking operations throughout 2016, shared the first publicity video of the film on Twitter in the last days of the year.

Sony’s promotional video for the emoji-themed film, the film is presented in a convenient concept. The video, created in a vertical format, can be viewed on the best smartphones. Sharing via Filmin Twitter account is also recommended to watch the video via smartphones.

Emoji Movie will be in sight next August

Emoji Movie, whose names include James Corden and Ilana Glazer, will meet audiences on August 4, 2017.

Source: Twitter