Ten Tips to Prevent Back Pain

One in four Spaniards suffers pain in the lumbar, being the chronic problem more frequent.80% of the population will suffer this health problem at some point in their life

80% of the population will suffer low back pain at some point in their life, according to a study by the Spanish Society of Rheumatology. Eduardo González Zorzano, an expert doctor at Laboratorios Cinfa, warns of the risk involved in adopting bad postures: “Although the causes of these pains can be degenerative diseases, injuries or blows, in most cases they come from bad habits, gestures and inappropriate postures ‘.

As explained by González Zorzano, “back problems appear both sudden and progressive and, although they are not a serious illness, they can have serious repercussions in our daily lives.” In fact, it is one of the main causes of unemployment in our country. According to the latest annual report of the National Health System, low back pain is the most frequent chronic health problem in Spain. Specifically, it affects one in four Spaniards.

Ten Tips to Prevent Back Pain

Prevention to avoid chronic problems
Pregnant women, overweight people and those who routinely work loading weights are more likely to suffer from these discomforts.Prevention is the best defense against this health problem: “We could minimize the pain if we assimilated a correct posture and habits as simple as walking upright or keeping our backs leaning against the back,” recalls Cinfa.

Ten recommendations to take care of the back
1. Perform exercises, walk or do gymnastics in the pool. It is also good to spend a few minutes practicing specific exercises for the lumbar. On the other hand, sports that involve over-stress should be avoided.

2. Walk with your back straight and your head elevated. In many cases, one usually walks with a hunched back, carrying the weight of the shoulders forward. Nor should we abuse the high-heeled shoes or the heavy bags, which carry the weight on a single side of our body.

3. Take care of the posture while you sleep. The best posture is to sleep on your back, placing one pillow under your knees and another under your lower back. If it is very uncomfortable, you can sleep half-way, with your knees bent and a pillow not too high. Also, the mattress should be in good condition.

4. Watch the weight. Being overweight causes more tension in the muscles of the back. In the case of pregnant women, there are specific girdles to relieve discomfort.

5. Do not neglect the posture in front of the computer. The top of the screen should be at the level of our eyes. The back should be supported on the back and feet, on the floor. An adaptable chair, a footrest or a small cushion can be very useful.

6. Bend your knees and keep your back straight for weight. When bending down, it is not good to lean your back. If this type of movement is repeated frequently, it may be advisable to use a protective girdle.

7. Flee from repetitive motions. Repeated gestures constantly overload specific areas of the musculature. If it is mandatory to perform them, it is essential to rest for stretching, changing posture or walking a little.

8. Avoid total rest. If you suffer from this type of pain, you should live a normal life, without lifting weights or making sudden movements. It is advisable to exercise moderately. Staying in bed is recommended only at the beginning, if the pain is severe. In any case, you should change your posture every two hours.

9. Apply heat. The source of the pain is usually muscular so that the thermal therapy helps to relax the area. It can be applied in twenty minute sessions, either with an electric blanket or hot water bags. Massage or ultrasound may also be convenient for relieving pain.

10. Consult your doctor or pharmacist about the use of analgesics and anti-inflammatories to relieve pain, or about the possibility of taking muscle relaxants, if the pain is severe and as long as its use does not exceed the week.

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Is Massage Chair Better Than Hand Massage?


If you daily go to a hand massage to get relief from the knee pain or backbone pain, you need to spend $70 to $90 for it. I have mentioned the figure without including a tip that is, of course, necessary too. So, it becomes too costly for you to go and spend around $100 for one massage. If you get one hand massage every month, it will cost you around $1200 per annum. In contrast to a hand massage, a massage chair costs you around $5000. That will work for many years and will provide you with the perfect massage sessions on a daily basis. It does not require taking only one massage per month. If you get the massage therapy on a regular basis, it will also keep you healthy and fit. Thus, your medical expenses will reduce automatically.


If you are getting a hand massage, you will get an appointment first. It will provide you with a specific time and schedule. After that session, your money is gone, and that’s all. On the other hand, by sitting in a massage chair, you don’t care about timing. You can prolong a half hour’s massage session up to forty minutes or one hour.


In the hand massage, the pressure may not be the same in all parts of the body. If an expert massage therapist is providing you with the services, you can ask him about the pain and affected areas. But that sometimes fail to exert the same amount of pressure to the body.  While sitting in the massage chair, the same level of intense or mild pressure is working on your whole body. It will increase the circulation of blood to keep you away from cardiovascular diseases. It also releases stress. If you are feeling uneasy in an intense level of pressure, you can change the mode and the level of pressure immediately. It will provide you with a massage with a mild degree of pressure.

So guys! If you see the functioning of an expert massage therapist, you will prefer the hand massage for sure. But here, we can’t see only your choice. There are old people also. There are some individuals with low income who cannot afford to go to the therapists and can’t spend a lot of money to get relaxed. Again there are a lot of people who have too busy working schedule, and they cannot go to the massage therapist clinics regularly. So, by keeping in view all of the factors, I would rather oppose you, and I will support the massage chair.