Best Ways To Secure WhatsApp

There is no doubt about the fact that WhatsApp is a really fun way of communicating with friends. The best thing about this is its free service that makes it possible to interact with someone who stays in abroad as well. Such an easy accessibility has its bad and good points. For instance, you can video call, share emojis and make groups that makes communication much more fun but on the other hand, you are also giving out huge loads of personal information. Giving it out to friends is okay, but there are hackers out there who can do tricks to get your personal information and use it against you. These are the times when you need to know about the best ways to secure WhatsApp. People these days run dual WhatsApp on same phone which powers them to simultaneously use two different numbers to activate whatsapp.

Best methods to secure whatsapp
Secure WhatsApp Easy Methods

Methods to try out

Safeguarding the app – A pin or a password is the most effective way of protecting applications like WhatsApp. There are third-party applications that can be used for such functions. You can prevent someone else from reading your chats by putting passwords with the help of apps like Android and Chat Lock.
Last seen need not be seen – You don’t need to show people your offline and online modes on WhatsApp. It is easy for scammers to use this contextual information in any way they want.
Deactivation helps in certain ways – In case your phone is stolen, after the network provider locks the SIM card, it is recommended that you activate WhatsApp on another phone but keep the similar phone number along with a substitute SIM. Apps like these can function on a single device and by only one number. This means the app gets blocked on the phone that is stolen.
No access to the display picture – Pictures can be very easily downloaded from any profile on WhatsApp. One of the tips to secure WhatsApp is by sharing your picture only with your contacts. There is a privacy menu that will help you to do so.
Being cautious is important
Digital communication, though very convenient can be quite beneficial for scammers and hackers as people give out a lot of personal information while speaking to close ones in apps like WhatsApp. It is important that you avoid passing on personal information like email address, home address, number, bank account to anyone. By sticking to some basic principles, you can obstruct a lot of unnecessary drama from coming your way. Other than that, you can always enjoy sending emojis to your BFFs all day long!

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