Prisma update to get Full-resolution Photo Support

A new update has been released for Prisma, which gives photographs a different atmosphere with artistic filters. This update removes the 1080 x 1080 pixel frame resolution limit, one of the biggest limitations of the application. Users can now freely turn off their photos through the application.

Prisma update

The resolution of filtered photos is twice that of old. While the quality of the photo is improving on this, the user is offered more options for shaping the frames.

Prisma also offers users a location-based photo flow with update. In this stream, photos of other nearby Prisma users are shown in algorithmically ordered format. As the likelihood of a photo increases, the algorithmic order rises and it becomes possible to reach more people.

Getting an interactive map with Prisma update

Another interactive tool, the newly added tool, allows you to see many popular photos taken at popular spots like Big Ben or the Eiffel Tower.

The update is distributed to users on both iOS and Android. However, at first, only iPhone owners will be able to benefit from the free image rate feature. Android phone users need to wait a little longer for this feature.

Via: TheVerge

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